In questa sezione potete trovare il link a ogni fotografia postata nel corso del tempo. Buona visione.

Shadow Of a Love 

Window in the Sky & Lights From Above 

The Distance 

Just a Little Breathe 

 Home Sweet Home

Soul's Prison  


Waiting For The End 

Cielo d'Autunno 

Feel The Night

You Weren't There

Endless Need


Verona, I Lovely Hate You

The Hole

Standing Behind The Shoulder Of a Giant

Tavola Calda (?!?)

Fountains Of Eternal Youth

Frozen River

Catch The Sun

The Swan

Hide In The Attic

London Calling, Me Answering

I Gotta Feeling

Guardian, Thy Name Is You

I Feel Alive

The Moment The Light Went

Here Comes The Night.. The One You Love..

It's Only a Matter Of... Sun!

Historia Magistra Vitae

Gripping Your Pillow Tight 

King Of The Lake

Burning In The Skies

Dear Father...

Il Nido


Dawn Of Victory

Il Duello

Sweet Dreams of...Hope

That Light In Your Eyes

My Own Miracle

Down To The River Of Temptation

Knowing Your Fear 
Brand New Day

The Painted Veil

...Until I Felt Red

Subject To Change

Touched By The Rain

Storm To Pass

What's Happenin In The Sky?

Coming Back With a Flower In My Heart

Like a Stone

You and Me

The Butterfly Effect

The Sound Of Your Voice 

For Those About To Rock...

Ruins Of Time

Attimi da Concerto

Welcome To The Jungle

Wish You Were Here

Lamento Eroico

Flight Of Icarus

Timeless Place

Sogno d'una Notte...Surreale

Fall Counts Everywhere

New Year's Eve

Someday You'll Find a Stranger

Through Her Eye

Le Ali della Libertà

In Your Honor

I Can't Wait

Like a Fairy Tale

Staring Sadly at the Snow 

 Shadows Collide With People

Last Train Home

Ermetica è La Città..

Take a Shot @ Lago di Garda (Peschiera)

Take a Shot @ Santa Viola 2012